You’re Never Too Old and You’re Never Too Young

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You’re Never Too Old and You’re Never Too Young If anyone tells you that you can’t build a business that others are willing to buy, use that small-minded thought to inspire you. It is true that Gates was very young when he started Microsoft, yet Colonel Sanders was 66 when he started Kentucky Fried Chicken! There are certain personal traits that are required to be a successful entrepreneur:

VISION: The ability to see what others cannot see.

COURAGE: The ability to act despite tremendous doubt.

CREATIVITY: The ability to think outside the box of selling time.

THE ABILITY TO WITHSTAND CRITICISM: There is not one successful person who has not been criticized.

THE ABILITY TO DELAY GRATIFICATION: It can be said that a person who does not control him/ or herself in the short-term, will lose all their money in the long-term.

There are many people with great ideas but few people with the ability to humble themselves to master the five skills above.