Cash Flow Stewardship

We are a Family Office located in Omaha, NE.  CFS was created by a diverse group of people who came together with a common goal: Taking personal control of our own financial futures by building wealth and managing its success.

Our Pursuits

At Cash Flow Stewardship, Inc, we strongly believe in the development of people. That’s why we invest in the future of our clients by offering private equity, venture capital, and investment consulting services. All of our business activities reduce to these two functions: valuation of assets and management of assets. Valuation is the starting point of our management practices, and once we establish all business valuations, then management becomes easier. 

Private Equity

We provide management expertise, growth equity, and debt financing.

Venture Capital

We provide capital and expertise to early stage, private startups.


We consult retail investors on how to take positions in the secondary market.

Our Team

Our Team is Your Team

Marlon Swimmer


Primo Galicia


Robert Clark