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At Cash Flow Stewardship, Inc, we strongly believe in the development of people. That’s why we invest in the future of our clients by offering private equity, venture capital, and investment consulting services. All of our business activities reduce to these two functions: valuation of assets and management of assets. Valuation is the starting point of our management practices, and once we establish all business valuations, then management becomes easier. 

Private Equity

We provide management expertise, growth equity, and debt financing. 


We help in providing experienced management.

Company Growth Stage

Gestation stage is from the founding of the legal entity to the opening of a corporate bank account. We are present each step of the way.

Equity and Debt Financing

Corporations need infusions of money to hire new employees, to fund new projects, or to raise money for equipment. Typically, founders face two decisions to either borrow or sell fractional pieces of their real companies.  Debt financing is another term for borrowing and equity financing involves selling ownership in exchange for money. Our team navigates your company through these tough decisions.

Venture Capital

We provide capital to early stage, private startups along with growth and development expertise. Start, grow, strengthen, and leverage.


This is the stage where a company receives financial support from local entities. We provide capital and help develop financial structures for later stages.

Early Stage

This is the prototype stage. We help increase revenue streams to increase capital funding. 


The growth stage is where we help navigate the capital markets. Your exit strategy is our number one priority.

Individual Consulting

We consult retail investors on how to actively locate and finance positions in the secondary market. Through this, we offer 3 courses (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) comprised of 12 lessons each.


Retirement is not an age, it’s a decision. One must change their mindset from increasing debt payments to accumulating assets.


Investing falls within two categories: Active or Passive. CFS teaches how to actively invest in the secondary market.

Equity Positions

The rights to distributions and tax benefits are two of the best reasons to take equity positions in the private and secondary market.

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