“CFS” opens its Omaha office in the Enterprise Center.

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Date: January 22, 2020

Omaha, Nebraska – Omaha Operations CFS Ventures and Consulting is pleased to announce that the Consulting service division has officially opened its offices in Omaha, Nebraska, in Enterprise Center on this date, November 1, 2019. CFS office will be the center of investment operations in the Midwest and will also serve as a resource center for entrepreneurs and startup companies throughout the Midwest. The CFS Office will work in close cooperation with early-stage and established companies to coordinate its investment activities – including the identification and evaluation of promising companies, due diligence review, and executive officers training. Our office in Omaha, Nebraska, will give us a place to work side-by-side with our positions in local companies and work directly with the local government and the business community to develop the entrepreneurial restricted security market in the Midwest. CFS is continuing to push forward with its early investments and the progress it has made so far in 2020.

For further information about CFS, please contact: Cash Flow Stewardship, Inc. 4611 S 96th Street Suite 248 Tel: 1-402-804-3777